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Wellcome to JIANGMEN CHUAN SHI LONG WOOD CO., LTD!Our company is an enterprise specializing in the production of wood products over 30 years. Meanwhile,we have 27years of export experience.Our production base is located in Jiangmen Guangdong Province China,which is a famous hometown of overseas Chinese. As a leading company in this field,we can supply more than 10000 styles of wood products for our clients.Because of the good price and high quality, we have exporting more than 30 containers to the world every month.We`re good at producing handmade Ming-style furniture of BALSAMO wood.At the same time, we also continue to design and develop more wood products,such as, kitchenware ,Wood Crafts ,wood plates,wood bowls ,serving tray,coffee cups , cutting board,chopsticks,knife fork spoon,cooking spatula, gift travel cutlery set ,wood combs,wooden box and so on.All our products are made of natural wood or bamboo material ,has passed the ISO9001, FSC and food safety inspection certificate.Usually,our buyers use our products for Home, Restaurant ,camping, buffet parties, coffee shops,salon, gift promotions ect. In the future, we are much more concerned about our high quality life and the environment. Our products fully reflect our sense of responsibility to them. We will always strive to produce the best wood products to our clients all over the world.
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  • Precautions for wooden collection box design
    1. The design theme of the packaging box should be clear, and the design should conform to the characteristics of the product. When a product packaging box lacks a theme, it will be greatly discounted in sales. The design of the wooden collection box should be based on the characteristics of the product, and it should be consistent with the outside. 2. The design of the wooden collection box should be realistic It should be designed according to the actual situation of the product. Overly lavish designs can make a product flashy, as over-decorated boxes that are not backed by product quality often make customers feel cheated. 3. The design of the wooden collection box should meet the needs of the trend The design direction of the wooden collection box should be in line with the trend. Today, environmental protection is a trend, and environmentally friendly packaging will be recognized by consumers and attract their understanding. If the product involves green environmental protection, it can be designed as an environmentally friendly renewable packaging box, which can not only protect the recycling of resources, but also protect the nature of the product. Wellcome to JIANGMEN CHUAN SHI LONG WOOD CO., LTD!.We also continue to design and develop more wood products,such as, Wood Gifts.Wooden Household Accessories.Wooden Gifts.Wooden Decoration.Wo
  • What are the precautions for choosing a wooden collection box manufacturer?
    Among various types of packaging, wooden collection box packaging is very popular now, mainly because it can not only improve the product grade, but also make the packaging protection effect better, which has more advantages than traditional packaging. In order to reflect the advantages of product packaging, it is recommended to choose professional and regular qualified wooden box customization manufacturers to provide customization services. What are the precautions for choosing a wooden collection box manufacturer? What are the requirements for product design? Let's introduce it below: Precautions for choosing wooden collection box manufacturers 1. Rich experience in customized production Wooden collection box custom manufacturers have strong strength and rich experience in design customization, production and processing. The professional team can provide one-stop comprehensive services and targeted solutions according to customer needs, develop suitable drawings and select suitable materials, and realize customized standards in production and processing. 2. The quality of customized wooden collection boxes is guaranteed The selection of professional and formally qualified manufacturers of Wooden Collection Box Custom is very strict in terms of material selection. In addition, the material selection of different types of wooden boxes is quite strict to ensure the quality. If the manufacturer you choose has these advantages, it means that the manufacturer is very trustworthy.
  • Aesthetic elements affecting the product packaging design of wooden collection boxes for wooden watches
    The packaging pattern of watch wooden collection box is different from the visual presentation of Chinese characters. The pattern is a painting image with special value generated by human sketching, pen writing, hand-carving, printing, etc. It is replicable and can be reproduced. Spread widely. Simple point, line, surface graphic creativity is a good form of expression in tea packaging design. This simple and unique symbolic picture can become a good visual communication language expression to enhance regional restrictions, and can become a symbol of the personality and cultural spirit of different tea brands , This unique, novel, interesting and unique graphic creativity can produce a visual effect, allowing customers to experience the inner cultural essence of the watch. It is worth mentioning that this simple graphic design should come from life and nature, and it must not be fabricated casually and become a meaningless mark. The graphic creativity of the outer packaging of the successful watch wooden collection box should fully rely on the graphics in the outer packaging to carry out the brand discussion accurately. On the premise that the graphics are consistent with the meaning of the watch brand, it can also be visualized and effectively conveyed to the audience. Customers, create emotional resonance with users, promote customers' transaction mentality, and arouse customers' desire to buy. The graphic application of the decoration design of the watch wooden collection box outer packaging cannot be fabricated out of thin air, nor can it be piled up randomly with graphics, but on the premise of mastering the meaning of the brand itself, the product can be more concrete according to the design pattern of the watch wooden collection box packaging. Lively. The breakthrough and integration of modern information technology can make the packaging desi
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